My Objective

So here it is, the very first thing someone will read upon completion of my business plan; my objective statement. It took me a while to really nail this down, but this is weeks of very serious thought boiled down into a paragraph.

Wallflower Productions will open a studio and office space where we will write, produce and record music and manage bands, merchandise, marketing, booking, and promoting in Minneapolis, MN, where musicians will be able to work with both facets of the music industry independently of a label. The business will provide a full service recording studio as well as an in house audio engineer and producer, based off of an hourly rate or by day, along with full access to the gear and resources available at Wallflower Production. The studio and amenities will be available for daily rental should the musician or engineers choose to operate independently from Wallflower, with full access to all resources. The in house engineer can offer extended consultations and provide custom music for the client as needed. The business will provide booking services and promotion for new and local musicians to the extent they choose. All services are offered separately from each other as well as in conjunction with one another. The business will also sell a wide range of clothing items and posters featuring designs created by the engineer or subcontracted under local tattoo artists. Original designs will be printed onto t-shirts, posters, and other merchandise to be sold along with Wallflower branding and signatures by musicians in the studio. We will offer custom artwork for band logos and other such commissioned artwork to be printed in house at the band or artist’s discretion.


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